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Whether you are a student looking for specific classes or information, a parent seeking information or directions, or just a curious visitor, we invite you to tour our facility through the interactive links below.

Virtual Tour

Welcome to the Virtual Tour of Howard Dean Education Center. The tour features high quality, interactive 360° photographs taken throughout the facility and also an interactive floor map with assorted photos from selected areas throughout The Center.

This tour is best viewed using Internet Explorer 5+. The panoramas utilize Java technology, so you must have *Java enabled on your browser for the photographs to load. If you have a slower modem, please be patient as the tour loads.

*The Virtual Tour includes:
Vermont Interactive Television studio
Culinary facility
Networking classroom
Carpentry: A house is built
Begin the Virtual Tour

*Macintosh Netscape Users: Please note that some versions of Netscape for Macintosh have trouble displaying 3D Vista tours. Downloading the most current version of Netscape for the MAC may solve this problem. Click here to visit the Netscape website to upgrade. Macintosh Systems - Please take note that Mac's do NOT do Java very well because of the platform Java was created with. You would be best suited using a PowerMac System with a minimum of 32mb of ram or getting the latest version of IE for MAC.


Interactive Floor Map Tour

How to use this feature:

1. Select a floor to view the map.
2. Select a highlighted "hotspot".
3. A photo of that area will appear.

1st Floor maps
2nd Floor maps
3rd Floor maps

Thank you for visiting and if you have questions or would like to set up an appointment for a personal tour, please contact us.

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